Happening at NABC

July 7, 2018
Dear Church Family,
The past few months we have been talking about ways to connect. Connecting with
family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers not just to say hello or to ask how they are
doing, but to create relationships that will bring about heart change, rebirth, hope and
faith in Jesus. These are Relationships that are real, and relationships that are eternal.
Last month Dr. Brent challenged us by sharing some practical tools that provide
Christians with easier ways to engage with their unchurched friends and to turn
conversations to spiritual topics. He gave us a few tps such as: Tip #1: Connect; Tip
#2: How to turn a conversation; Tip #3: Answer tough questions; Tip #4: Recognize
hidden obstacles.
Next month Dr. Brent will be back to talk with us about the question, Where is God
when it hurts? This is a question that many of us ask while we are going through a
difficult time or when we are trying to help love on someone when they are going
through a difficult situation in their life. Please take this opportunity to connect with
people and invite them to come and be encouraged. My hope is that you will be
inspired on August 19, at 10:30 a.m., as Dr. Brent shares the answer to this
challenging question.
As we begin to connect with people, I would like to challenge you as your Pastor. Pray
God would reveal to you the people He desires for you to connect with and begin a
relationship. Would you pray for those that God reveals to you each day? Would you
be willing to invite them to a special day at NABC called Friendship Day? This will be a
day to celebrate friendship and the joy it brings to all our lives. Sunday, September 16,
will be our first Friendship Day at NABC. We will come and worship and have dinner
on the grounds afterward. This will give you an opportunity to bring the friends you
have been praying for, hear a good word from the Word, and enjoy a wonderful meal
I look forward in seeing you each Sunday. I look forward in hearing how you are
connecting with people in the name of Christ. I look forward to meeting the friends
God brings your way. And I look forward to seeing our dear friends know Christ!
Pastor Joey